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Gas station canopy pressure washing

Is your gas station canopy looking really bad due to years of exhaust buildup? If so, let Hoosier Power Wash come out and make it look brand new again.

Parking lot cleaning

Wherever cars are parked for any amount of time, you will have grease and oil buildup in the concrete. This will quickly deteriorate the appearance of your business. Customers appreciate and want to shop at establishments that look clean and professional. So Let Hoosier Power Wash clean those stains and give your business a glowing look once again.

Drive-thru pressure cleaning

Bank and restaurant drive-thru areas see a lot of heavy traffic and unfortunately, a lot of staining. This can have a negative influence on how your facility appears to your customers. Hoosier Power Wash can clean these areas and make your business appealing to existing and future customers.

Dumpster pad pressure washing

Dumpster pads are one of the most dangerous areas for your employees. Not only are they contaminated with a host of various germs and bacteria, they are also typically covered in slippery contaminants creating a potentially serious accident just waiting to happen. Often times, these areas are also in the public's view so you want these areas to look nice and clean. We can put you on a very affordable residual cleaning maintenance plan to keep these areas clean and SAFE on a regular basis.

Retail walkway cleaning

The areas immediately outside of your retail establishment gets a whole lot of foot traffic and it is the first impression of any customer entering your business. These areas tend to pick up a lot of stuck gum, and other staining that can give your business an unsightly look. Keep these areas clean and give your customer the best first impression possibloe.

Fleet Washing

You have a lot of money invested in your fleet of equipment and want to maintain it. Not only will it look nice and clean but, keeping the grease and oils away allows for you to diagnose problems areas that need your attention. It's as much as a safety concern as it is an appearance and maintenance concern.

Warehouse and shop floor cleaning

Warehouse and shop floors see a lot of work activity and can get covered and various slick substances that can be a safety hazard for your employees. We can pressure wash these areas and not only make them look good again but more importantrly, make them safe again.

Hot Pressure Washing

There are a host of things that ONLY hot water will clean. Industrial hot water systems are very large and expensive units therefore, typically only professional cleaning contractors have these units and are able to tackle any job presented to them. Hoosier power wash offers hot water washing at 250 degrees which will tackle the toughest of projects with ease. Contact us today for your free quote.  

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Commercial Washing Services
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