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Roof black streak cleaning
Low Pressure roof cleaning
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Roof Cleaning Hoosier Power Wash
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Roof Cleaning


Is Your roof covered in black stains or green algae causing it to be the eye sore of your neighborhood? Are you preparing to sell your home and the last thing you want is a potential buyer to think your home needs a new roof and offers you thousands less? Hoosier Power Wash can help you with this using our dedicated SOFT-WASH roof cleaning system. It is the ONLY cleaning method approved by the shingle manufactures and will not void the warranty of your shingles.

The black stains on roofs are actually a form of algae called Gloeocapsa Magma,  and the truth is, it isn't just the appearance you should be worried about. This algae, along with the green mossy algae, is slowly eating away at your shingles. If left this way, it is decreasing the longevity of your shingles and you will eventually be spending thousands on replacing your roof. We have seen countless times how homeowners and businesses have replaced their roof when in fact, all they needed was a good cleaning.

Hoosier Power Wash specializes in removing the black stripes and green algae using the only cleaning method approved by the shingle manufactures. We utilize a low pressure dedicated roof cleaning system that sprays a solution on your roof at a very low 60psi. This cleaner utilizes a special mixture that creates a thick bond of cleaning solution that coats your roof and eats away at the black stripes and algae. Once finished, your roof will look like the day it was installed. No matter how clean your siding is, or how well kept your yard is, a dirty roof will always stick out and make your home look aged. So call Hoosier Power Wash and let us make your home as beautiful as it once was while increasing the value at the same time.

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